MMA Fighters Defeat In Pants Because Eating Chili Before Competing

Embarrassing and disgusting! That sentence is appropriate to describe the incident of apes experienced by a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter from the United States, Travis Wolford. How not to be shy, when fighting with his opponent he even defecated in his pants, even his fist fell to the battle floor.

The embarrassing incident happened on Saturday, October 3, at the Ruckus in the Cageevent which took place in Beckley, West Virginia. At that time, the fighter nicknamed The Brown Bomber was facing opponents Daniel Cooper. When Travis Wolford was in the lock of Daniel Cooper, he accidentally threw feces into his pants until they fell on the floor.

The referee who knew one of the fighters instead ‘dived’ when fighting, finally stopping the fight.┬áDaniel Cooper was declared by the referee to be the winner in the fight, while the referee asked Travis Wolford to immediately get out of the ring to cleanse himself of disgusting dirt.

Christopher Smith, promoter of Ruckus in the Cage , apologized for the embarrassing incident at the event. He claimed to know the exact reason why one of his fighters could defecate in his pants while fighting. Apparently, before the fight Travis Wolford ate too much chili.

“Before the match began, he went to the Chili Night Festival. And there, he ate a lot of chili. Finally, when fighting there is a classic explosion where chili and everything he eats becomes one, “Christopher Smith said, quoted from, Saturday, October 10, 2015.

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